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Minolta Film Cameras

The Minolta brand is known worldwide for producing high quality photographic and camera equipment. There is a wide range of high quality Minolta film cameras available which are suitable for advanced amateur photographers, professional photographers and vintage camera collectors.

There are several types of Minolta film cameras to choose from, including compact , rangefinder, SLR, sub-miniature and underwater film cameras across models X-300, X-700, Zoom 70, SR-T101 and Zoom 110.

Film formats vary according to the model and camera type and include 110, 35mm, 4 x 4cm, 6 x 6cm and APS films.

Minolta X-700

A manual focus single-lens reflex, or SLR, camera with a high shutter speed, the Minolta X-700 performs superbly in outdoor or indoor settings for landscapes or portrait shots. The X-700 was introduced in the early 1980s and remained in production until 2001. This camera won the 'European Camera of the Year' in 1981, and it was considered state of the art before the introduction of auto focus.

Minolta rangefinder cameras

During the 1950s rangefinder cameras were widely used by both pros and photo hobbyists. This type of camera has a viewfinder which is completely separate to the lens whereby a 'rangefinder' mechanism works to create a dual viewfinder, presenting two images of the subject in focus. Once the two images are completely aligned the subject will then be in perfect focus. This mechanism replaced the more bulky mirrors and pentaprisms which are typical of SLRs. Many Minolta rangefinder film cameras have interchangeable lenses.

Retro cameras

Minolta subminiature cameras are 16mm film cameras which were made between the mid-1950s and 1970s. This 'sub-miniature' class of precision camera typically use smaller than standard 35mm film in the form of an APS (Advanced Photo System) film cassette.

The 'smaller than small' slimline and discreet design of the subminiature made this camera perfect for pocket-friendly concealment, leading to its mass market appeal. Today, Minolta subminiature cameras are deemed distinctive models which appeal to both collectors and retro camera enthusiasts alike. Some vintage Minolta subminiature cameras come in presentation cases complete with accessories.

Minolta photography kits

If you are looking to build upon your photography kit easily and quickly many Minolta film cameras are bundled with other photographic accessories. Many items will include cases or bags to protect the camera body and neck or wrist straps to keep your kit close at hand. Other accessories include cleansing kits, film, filters, lenses, flashes or tripods and additional batteries.