Job Lots for Sale: Fill Your Car Boot, Top Up Your Collection, or Resell

Why are these cheap job lots for sale?

Job lots can be sold due to discontinued lines, stock clearing, estate clearances, or just household items that the clearers do not value or need. Lots of stuff for sale can come from storage units on which the payments have defaulted. These are auctioned off unseen, and the buyers will often group their new items into cheap job lots for sale on auction sites, such as eBay.

How to choose a good deal

If you are running a business by buying items to resell, then opt for instantly recognisable items that you are comfortable evaluating, and allow you to watch your costs, especially on bulky items. When buying bulky items, it may be worth arranging a courier or going along to collect the items in person to save on shipping.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to see what is on offer and you have a little cash to spare, you can dabble with mystery lots. Sometimes you might find an excellent bargain that makes up for making a loss on the other items, and most of the time you will at least be able to make your money back by repackaging and selling off the items individually.

Some of these job lots for sale seem too good to be true

Just as in life, anything that seems too good to be true usually is. However, as the other saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and you may be desperate for the items that the vendor is equally desperate to get rid of! Occasionally, people will get rid of items that they do not know the true value of, so sometimes it is possible to get a great bargain for a low price, by simply acting on your gut instinct. Be cautious when choosing job lots to buy, and always expect to get the lowest stated value. In this way, any higher value items come as a pleasant surprise.

What size are eBay wholesale and job lots and Amazon job lots?

There is almost no limit to the size of job lots on offer, with full pallets of products being a fairly frequent seller. High-value small items tend to be sold in small job lots, which may well fit into an A5 envelope. Some of the products sold in small lots include:

  • Jewellery: Whether made up into necklaces, earrings and so or left as precious stones, jewellery items can be good small job lot purchases.
  • Microchips: Used for everything from computers to smart toasters these days, replacement chips can be immensely valuable, and weigh almost nothing.
  • Coin collections: While coins tend to be heavy, a small box the size of a paperback novel can hold over one hundred coins. All you need is one unusual date or rare coin for your investment to more than pay for itself.