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Mobile phone batteries for all models

If your smartphone battery has started to lose its charge more frequently, then it could be time to get a replacement to ensure it stays in tiptop condition. Whether you have a phone that has a separate battery compartment that is easy to replace or you have a modern smartphone with an integrated component, there is a range of genuine and OEM parts for all models including LG, Samsung, Nokia and Apple phone batteries

Function and performance

Many mobile phone batteries have a Lithium-ion rechargeable composition to ensure they are durable and are long-lasting. These replacement options can help revive your phone and reduce the amount of time you spend looking for charging point. Choosing a battery is super easy, as there are components that fit directly into your battery compartment but it's always best to check you have the right one for your mobile phone. 

These quality components are fully-tested to make sure they can endure regular use and keep you connected for many hours. These batteries also have features such as overcharging protection to stop premature deterioration due to having it plugged in for too long. 

Portable battery packs

These handy portable chargers or power banks are ideal for topping up your smartphone if you run out of battery. They are super easy to use, and you can connect your phone via the USB cable to get a direct charge. They are often an excellent idea for charging a range of gadgets from tablets to mobile phones. 

Batteries with toolsets

Some batteries require a little more than just slipping a cover off and might need some small tools to replace the battery. Some mobile phone batteries come with universal toolkits to help you change this component, but it is best to get a professional to assist if you are unsure. 

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