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Mobile Phone and PDA Signal Boosters for EE network

Living or working in an area with little or no reception need no longer be a headache thanks to problem-solving mobile phone PDA signal boosters for the EE network. For those forced to go outside to make a call, or search the room to find the only reception hotspot, an EE signal booster will transform your mobile experience.

A signal booster will improve your indoor coverage and you can choose different strength boxes depending on whether it is for a residential property or business. Mobile phone signal can be affected by lots of factors including thick walls, basements, and certain types of glass.

Improved signal does not only mean making and receiving calls will be easier, but the battery life of your mobile phone will be increased and you will have faster mobile downloads. EE's own brand residential signal box booster for the home uses your broadband connection to improve the reception by plugging into your router and providing indoor coverage.

To use this box you will need a minimum fixed broadband download speed of 512kbps and upload speed of 256kbps. Up to four people will be able to use the signal boosted by this box at any one time, and the signal will be improved for a range of about 15 metres.

The box has green and red flashing lights to signify a problem, which can often be rectified by checking connections or switching the box off and on again.

The brand Nextivity provides a 'Cel-fi RS210 V2' signal box for the EE network which promises to improve one bar of 3G signal strength by up to four times. This box can be used for the home or the office, and it promises to support up to 20 devices at the same time. This does not need to plug into your broadband as it uses built-in algorithms to boost the network coverage, and it will improve the signal for a radius of up to 30 metres.

A GSM Antenna's 'Omnidirectional' signal booster is an antenna which improves the signal of the EE network from the outside your property. It will boost EE, 2G and 3G coverage, providing wide area coverage and long range reception.

It is supplied with a mounting kit to allow you to fix it to a wall or pole, and the full adjustable mount will help to make installation easier; the cable ingress is protected from the elements thanks to a metal casing.

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