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Mobile Phone SIM Cards

The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) can be obtained and placed inside a mobile phone regardless of the mobile phone type or model. Any type of SIM card can be placed in any type of mobile phone device. The difference between each SIM card resides in the service options available by the service provider and the cost charged for phone calls, sending text messages, using data etc. The most popular mobile phone service providers are typically three, O2, EE amongst others.

Unlocked and free SIM cards

These two words, unlocked and free, occasionally are used interchangeably but are not the same. It is important to clarify the SIM card status when purchasing a mobile phone because it affects how the smartphone is used. The main difference between the two are the manner in which the mobile phone interacts with other networks.

Unlocked mobile phones are able to use the SIM card of any network provider. No restrictions are placed for using only a particular network provider SIM card. SIM free mobile phone does not imply that it can be used with any network provider. Sometimes a SIM free phone has special arrangement for use with only a particular network provider. However, usually such mobile phones can be used on any network or with any type of SIM card.

SIM cards deals

Different types of deals are offered by network providers for their SIM cards. These deals vary from one provider to another and often necessitate comparison to determine a convenient deal. For example, O2 SIM cards can be obtained for a pay-as-you-go plan or a pay monthly plan. With the pay monthly plan, a set of prices can be determined allowing the availability of certain types of services and data. For example, a pay monthly plan allowing 500 MB of data, 500 minutes for calls, unlimited text, and may or may not include other services such as free O2 Wi-Fi and other priority daily offers. Another monthly plan could have 2GB of data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and other services such as free Wi-Fi, etc. Obviously the pay monthly cost of the two plans will be different. These plans will also vary from one service provider to another

Types of mobile SIM cards

Often mobile phone retailers provide smartphones already hooked up with a services provider. However, there are different types of SIM cards and their knowledge can be useful when seeking a SIM only contract. Three types can be determined: standard SIM card, Micro SIM , and Nano SIM.

Standard SIM cards are the oldest and often used in handsets made prior 2010. Micro SIM cards differ from standards by the size. It is a lot smaller and have been introduced because smartphones are being made ever more slimmer and smaller. The newer smartphones use nano SIM cards which measures only 12.3 x 8.8 mm.

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