Avoid Commitments with a Preloaded Sim Card

Nobody likes being tied down to a monthly subscription. Sure, they're convenient when it comes to auto-billing and tracking data usage, but contracts and commitments can cause unnecessary stress. Lighten your monthly load and find a preloaded SIM on eBay.

How long will a preloaded SIM be valid?

The validity of preloaded SIM cards can vary, but many SIM card packages can offer up to two years of use. You can buy preloaded SIM cards with shorter shelf lives, like a 12-month data SIM card. With a 12-month or 24-month preloaded SIM, you won't lose unused data at the end of every month, nor will you need to continuously top up your SIM card with more minutes or time.

What size data package should you choose?

The amount of data you'll need depends on whether you're a light, intermediate, or super data user. Light users may use less than 1GB of data each month, while intermediate users may use around 2GB to 4GB of mobile data every month. This is typically enough to check emails, surf the web, and use internet-connected apps every day. Super data users can easily use 10GB or more every month. If you plan to stream media or play a lot of games online, look for a preloaded SIM card with a large data package. Here are some tips to help reduce data usage:

  • Most hotels, coffee shops, and shopping malls offer wireless hotspots. Save your mobile data and connect to WiFi whenever possible.
  • Set your mobile device to aeroplane mode or turn off mobile data while sleeping. While charging at night, many mobiles automatically download updates, which can leave you wondering where all your data went.
  • Turn of location and push notifications. By manually fetching data and turning off location trackers, your device won't constantly eat your data without your approval.
  • Set your social media and email apps to not automatically download images or attachments unless connected to WiFi. You'll be amazed at how much data you can save.
What are some advantages to buying a preloaded SIM?

With a preloaded SIM card, you simply pay once and then forget about it. No more recurring bills, no more monthly commitments, and more importantly, no more stress. In addition, there's no need to register with a network, which means visitors or tourists can also use them without having to be a permanent resident.