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Mobile Phone Screen Digitizer for Huawei

There seems to be some confusion over the replacement part for your mobile which is known as a digitizer, or sometimes an LCD digitizer. What it is not is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which is a very fine ultra-thin computer monitor and is the source of the image you see on your phone. A mobile phone screen digitizer for Huawei, is in effect, the glass part that covers the front of your phone and converts analogue signals into digital ones.

When you press or swipe the front of your phone the mobile phone screen digitizer for Huawei converts your actions into a digital signal the phone understands, and operates by transferring the action via a digitizer flex ribbon. If you are purchasing a new mobile phone screen digitizer for your Huawei phone it should come with a digitizer flex ribbon (sometimes called a digitizer flex cable) attached, as it is very difficult to transfer a flex ribbon to a new digitizer and still have everything working perfectly.

Clever digitizers for your smart phone

A touch screen digitizer is normally in a layered "sandwich" with the thin sheet of hard protective glass forming the top, the digitizer itself is the next, or middle, layer, and the screen that produces the images is the bottom layer.

In recent years we have seen the appearance of the multi-touch digitizer which can "read" two or more fingers operating the screen at the same time, which is how you can make an image larger or smaller by squeezing it or expanding it between your fingers.

If you are looking for a replacement digitizer, there are a wide range of digitizers available and some are Huawei but many are unbranded or generic products that just your smart phone. It recommended to make sure that your replacement digitizer comes with a flex ribbon attached.

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