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Mobile Phone Screen Digitisers For Sony Xperia Z3

For those who are unsure, the mobile phone screen digitiser for Sony Xperia Z3 is, in fact, a fine, clear sheet that rests on top of the LCD and under a fine sheet of toughened glass which is what your fingers touch. It converts analog signals - press, swipe, etc - into digital signals that the LCD understands.

It is sometimes called an LCD digitiser, but for the avoidance of confusion it is most certainly not an LCD. The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is an ultra-thin fragile computer monitor and is actually the source of what you see on your mobile phone screen.

The actions that you take on the top of the glass are interpreted by the digitiser and transferred to the LCD by means of a delicate flex ribbon (sometimes called a digitizer flex cable) which is attached to the digitiser and the LCD. Today's smartphones use an improved digitiser which is incredibly smart in that it can interpret the actions of two or more fingers at the same time, such as allowing you to enlarge a picture.

Clever digitisers for your smart phone

You may find have a mobile phone screen digitiser for Sony Xperia Z3 for sale, but generally, what you are actually getting is the complete "sandwich" of digitiser between LCD and toughened glass. You can buy the flex ribbon separately, but attaching it is a tricky job and it is better to purchase a digitiser that comes with the flex ribbon already attached.

If you have a faulty or broken digitiser, this is where you can find a replacement for exactly what you need so you aren't without your phone for too long. There are a wide range of digitisers available and some are Sony but many are unbranded or generic products that just fit your smart phone.

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