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Shop event Save up to 35% on smartphones.  Refurbished with a 12 month warranty
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Mobile & Smart Phones

Mobile and smartphones are a good investment for anyone who needs a fast working device to fit their fast paced life. While first generation mobile phones were used for the main purpose of calling people, today they have added features, such as apps, in order to enhance the experience that smartphones have to offer. It is clear to see why approximately 2 billion people around the world use a smartphone.

In addition to the standard instant messaging services, phones have complex configurations to enable you to never be out of touch with the outside world. With the ability to download apps such as Twitter, YouTube, and Skype, you can simultaneously be in constant contact with friends, while watching videos on your favourite YouTube channel. In addition to this, news channels, such as The Guardian or the BBC, have apps for you to download in order to never miss an exciting update in politics, arts or technology ever again.

Modern smartphones have the ability to accommodate to 3G as well as 4G in order to get the fastest internet possible. However, if 3G/4G is not available, the phone can connect to local Wi-Fi as well as connect to other devices through their Hot Spots. This means that smartphone users have internet access at all times, which makes it easier for you to look up a word that you've forgotten the meaning of or find cinema tickets without going on your computer or going to the cinema in advance. With the use of a smartphone, you are in contact with others in one form or another twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

While previously you had to have an iPod , MP3, or CD player in addition to your mobile phone, now you can have two for the price of one. With iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other similar applications on smartphones, you can now download and listen to anything from music to podcasts.

Another two-in-one feature that the smartphone has is a built-in camera. The rear camera, which can range between 8-megapixels and 15-megapixels, is usually used for taking high-quality photographs that can also accommodate to panorama style pictures, as well as taking videos. The front camera usually has lower megapixels ranging from 1-megapixel to 2-megapixels, which means the photo quality is not as high but can still take photographs without too much grain. The front camera is most commonly used to take selfies or vlogs.

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