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Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

If you find yourself struggling to walk short distances, a mobility scooter could be the key to more independence and freedom.

Mobility scooters are designed to be convenient to use, and simple to operate and manoeuvre. They are designed to fit in with the different needs and lifestyles of the people who use them, so you might prefer a light scooter that folds up easily and can be stored when needed, or a heavy duty powerchair thats designed to travel for longer distances, with plenty of extra features to make your life easier.

A mobility scooter can have three wheels , four or even five wheels. Some scooters now have up to three steerable wheels.

Portable mobility scooters

There are two types of portable scooter: foldable scooters and dismantling scooters. Portable scooters have removable batteries and can be reduced to a compact shape, which makes them easy to wheel around. Dismantling scooters come apart completely, and divide into five or six parts.

Battery charging

All mobility scooters are battery operated, some of which have removable batteries , so read the manufacturers guidelines to familiarise yourself with the charging time and usage time. Just like other constantly charged items, you could find that if you overcharge your scooter it loses some of its power. If you use your scooter during the day, youll usually need to recharge it overnight.

Keeping a scooter secure

Key operated mobility scooters have an extra safety feature enabling you to lock your scooter up when you leave it, as you would a car or a motorcycle.

Are the any weight limits to mobility scooters?

All mobility scooters will have an upper weight limit, this is usually anything between 18 24 stone, including anything you are carrying on the scooter with you. As weight limits vary, always check the manufacturers recommendations and remember that weight may also affect the scooters performance. The more weight its carrying, the more the machine will struggle to tackle slopes or hills.

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