Pre-fabricated buildings

Pre-fabricated buildings are an ideal way to have the flexibility of extra space without the need for traditional bricks and mortar. These constructions are also perfect for temporary buildings, garages and agricultural structures. The choice of buildings offers a variety of materials, sizes and uses including large steel framed portable buildings to heavy-duty plastic sheds. Each is suitable for a variety of requirements and its portability means you can move locations with little hassle.

Cost-effective business solutions

The cost benefits of choosing a pre-fabricated building are ideal for small and medium-sized business looking to set up. With lower set up fees and simple construction, this type of structure is more cost-effective than permanent business premises. Business pre-fabrication examples include site offices, office cabins and industrial sized units.


Pre-fabricated buildings offer a great option for businesses looking to move the construction to another site or upgrade your existing pre-fabricated structure. It can be easily disassembled and reconstructed to suit requirements and its blend of simple aesthetics works perfectly with a range of locations and spaces.

Home use

For people looking to build a garage or outbuilding on their property, choosing a pre-fabricated building saves time and money. Due to the range of sizes available, these buildings can be utilised for garage space, large sheds and small garden office areas. They also offer a weather resistant storage option for a range of things including cars, bikes and general garden appliances.

Durable construction

The variety of pre-fabricated buildings available provides a selection of durable and strong material choice. Examples of pre-fabrications materials include heavy duty plastic, stainless steel and metal composite. From modern modular units, traditional storage container styles and stainless steel buildings, there is so much choice for the ideal flexible and portable building.