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Moisture and pH Meters

Meters than measure the moisture and pH levels of soil are an invaluable tool for any enthusiastic gardener. 

The handy meter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and is especially helpful in detecting problematic soil conditions. You can also use the moisture meter to plan the perfect time to water your plants.

Differences between moisture and pH meters

  • Electronic moisture meters – Most battery operated moisture measuring devices are electronic. The electronic moisture meter’s digital display means that readings are more accurate
  • Battery-free analog moisture meters – Low cost moisture meters that are battery-free rely on a needle gauge to provide the reading of the soil moisture
  • Dual and triple function meters – A dual or triple function meter simultaneously measures the pH and moisture levels of the soil. This handy practical device is compact and lightweight
  • Hydroponic moisture meters – Meters that are designed specifically for hydroponic gardening are highly accurate. Some models can operate around the clock so that the soil condition is closely monitored

Things to consider

  • Optimum results – To ensure you achieve optimum results when growing flowers, scrub, fruit and vegetables it is important to obtain an accurate pH reading. Crops that are pH dependent rely on the soil to obtain all their necessary nutrients. Knowing the correct nutrient levels in your soil will help you determine what you need to add to maximise plant growth
  • Outdoor use – Moisture and pH meters that are encased in a metal or hard plastic material are better suited to outdoor gardening use. The casing protects the meter from climate changes
  • Indoor benefits – Using a moisture and pH meter solely for indoor gardening extends its lifespan, due to not being exposed to harsh weather conditions

Types of moisture and pH meters

  • Digital – Easy to use digital meters provide a fast and accurate check of the pH and moisture levels of the soil
  • Analogue – Low cost and reliable
  • 3-in-1 – Measures moisture, pH and temperature.
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