Everything You Need to Know About Buying Morris Classic Cars

With Morris classic cars, you get the thrill and prestige of driving and owning a delightfully vintage vehicle with all the mandated safety features that didn't exist 50 years ago. Browse eBay's selection of new quality and pre-owned Morris classic cars. Choose from standard vehicles or classic cars with custom adaptations like grille lights and side markers.

Choosing accessories for your Morris classic car

Morris no longer manufactures classic vehicles, but you can still find loads of pre-owned Morris classic car and accessories on eBay. Morris continues to produce seat belts, clear shot mirrors, grilles, and emblems, all of which can be added to the Morris classic car of your choice.

Which Morris classic car body types are available on eBay?

Morris classic cars are no longer produced, but there's still a wide variety of Morris cars for sale on eBay. Since the unveiling of the Morris Minor at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show, the brand expanded into the production of different body types. Here are just some of the body types that you can find:

  • Saloon - The first Morris Minors for sale were saloons. They were sold only as two-door saloons until 1950, which is when Morris started making four-door saloons.
  • Convertible - The second phase of the Morris classic car production was the two-door convertible.
  • Estate - When the company put the Morris minor traveller for sale as an estate vehicle, the Morris brand become more recognisable. The car was updated with an ash wood frame that gave off the traditional "Morris car" appearance.
  • Pickup - The Morris Minor pickup eBay collection includes both lightweight commercial vehicles and family pickups.
  • Van - The iconic Morris Minor van is actually called the Morris 1000. More than a million Morris Minor cars were sold during a five-year period, so they're quite easy to find and purchase.
How do Morris classic cars differ by model year?

The oldest Morris classic cars available on eBay are from 1936. This type of Morris Minor for sale on eBay is most attractive to collectors who pride themselves on acquiring limited edition classic vehicles. Later models were produced as recently as 1971. Many cars have been refurbished by their previous owners and are in good condition. Check to see if the classic car meets existing safety requirements or if you'll have to install your own seat belts and airbags.