Quality Morso stoves and fireplaces

Making amazing quality stoves, fireplaces and accompanying products since 1853, Morso is a traditional Danish brand that offers items with classic style. Their cast iron stoves being one of their main products, they also offer items for your home. From Morso fireplaces and accessories to pots and pans, youll find the ideal items to make your house feel like a home. 

Morso indoor stoves

Add an extra touch of warmth to your home with a Morso multifuel stove for indoor use. These handy items compliment your heating system to bring heat to colder rooms, or to use as the hub of a room. These stoves come in a range of style to suit all types of interior decor. 

The Morso 4412 uses a sleek and subtle design for a modern feel, the perfect understated addition. A large door with panoramic window shows the full interior of the stove whilst a magnetic lock ensures that this model is kept shut. 

Or, go for a 1442 unit for a more traditional feel. Tall legs prop this stove up high off the ground, a thick door and smaller window offer a glimpse inside and a stylish squirrel design creates a style typical of Morso. 

Morso outdoor stoves

Offering more functionality than indoor models, Morso stoves for the outdoors act as a hub of social activity in your garden. Go for a Morso Forno Gas if youre after something that makes outdoor cooking easy. A sleek rounded design works great in modern gardens whilst the grill function cooks amazing food, perfect for summer evenings. 

Or keep it traditional with a Morso Forno Terra, a traditional wood burning outdoor stove. It can be used as a BBQ or even as a pizza maker, letting you cook delicious meals with ease. The sleek stove sits on the top of a wheeled cabinet designed for storing wood for fuel.