Mosquito Nets

Whether you're visiting an area where mosquitos are a health risk or simply want to protect your family from biting insects, mosquito nets are a must-have. The level of threat to either health or discomfort will underline your choice of product, but be sure to research all your options and essential tips before choosing a net. The kind of net will also change depending on the type of bed you or your family will be sleeping in. You can shop new, new with defects, and used products.

Infant Nets

Keeping younger children safe from biting insects is important. There are options for when you're out and about and at home. Ensuring you have your baby protected in malarious areas is especially vital, so you may opt for protection both in the crib and on your pushchair.

To give you some ideas of what's on offer, you can find children's curtain dome netting that hangs from above the bed. There are also infant pram protectors that keep biting insects safely away from little children.

Camping and Head Protectors

If you'd prefer to spend time in the great outdoors without the inevitable insect bites, you can find nets to cover your body and your bed. Mesh head nets can be worn to keep flies and insects away from your face and neck. This can be useful if you're working and exploring outdoors.

Other products include free-standing nets that can wrap around a camp bed and keep flies, ants, mosquitos and spiders away. Or, pop-up pyramid domes, and quick hang, lightweight nets for your tent.

Nets for Your Home

Preventing flies and biting insects from entering areas of your home can be done with specially designed netting. Window and door nets can be easily attached to different entry points. You can also find attractive canopy nets for your bed in white, or even coloured lace.