Motorcycle Badges and Patches

Customise your gear with unique, decorative motorcycle badges and patches. These are the perfect way to affiliate yourself with a brand or group or simply show off your interests to fellow bikers. There are hundreds of smaller badges and patches that can be attached to the chest and arms of jackets as well as larger ones that can be affixed to the back.


Some of the most popular motorcycle badges and patches are from world famous manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Honda and Suzuki. Adding these to your gear can help you to ‘complete the look’, matching your gear with the bike itself.

As well as bike brand patches, there are hundreds of badges that show off the logo of a certain band. Some of the more popular bands available are AC/DC, The Sex Pistols, KISS and The Rolling Stones. These are a great talking point for bikers that share similar interests and ideals.

Iron-on vs. Sew-on

Iron-on patches are generally a lot quicker and easier to affix to clothing than sew-on but they are more susceptible to falling off. In general, iron-on patches should only be placed onto fabrics and textiles, not leather. This is because the adhesive backing of many patches does not stick to leather, it simply slides right off.

Sew-on patches usually last much longer than iron-patches, simply because they are attached to the garment with thread instead of an adhesive backing. They do take a little longer to attach than iron-on patches and will also require that you know how to sew. It is important to remember that some materials, such as thick leather, may be rather difficult to attach a sew-on patch to.

Motorcycle Clothing and Gear

Motorcycle badges and patches are the perfect accompaniment to making your gear look one-of-a-kind. However, to avoid disappointment, before buying your jacket or trousers, please ensure that the material will allow patches to be sewn/ironed on.