Motorcycle Body Armour and Protectors

Motorcycle body armour and protectors are imperative to your safety when riding a motorcycle. These protective pads can protect you from serious danger in the event of an accident. Available to protect different areas of your body, you can supplement your protective motorcycle clothing with armour in places that have less protection.

Types of body armour

Leatt produce body armour for motocross. The Leatt Adventure neck brace protects your neck from whiplash caused by sudden stops and collisions. The padding also adds a level of comfort. To ensure that you’re fully safe, a Leatt kidney belt works to protect your internal organs during any collisions or accidents. Using 3DF foam for added protection, this belt is CE approved and also offers lumbar support.

Keeping your back safe and protected is a vital aspect of safe riding. A Forcefield Pro L2K Evo back protector works to reduce the damage from any accidents. The Nitrex Evo material effectively absorbs any shock and exceeds the most rigorous CE tests. The Nitrex Evo material retains its protection even after multiple crashes with a Repeat Performance Technology. Kevlar thread keeps this protective back pad together, even after hundreds of hours of wearing.

Forcefield Extreme arm protectors secure your arms and work against and abrasion or shock that may occur during an accident. The Nitrex Evo outer layer is complemented by a breathable and lightweight base, making for a comfortable fit.

An Alpinestars Nucleon KR-C chest protector keeps your chest safe. Tested to a level two CE certification, this body armour is breathable and lightweight - offering you both comfort and safety.

The Alpinestars Bionic Pro jacket fuses an array of protective pads and armour together in a single jacket. Chest and back panels come as a standard, with the back armour being level two CE certified. These pads fit tightly to the rider’s body to ensure better protection. Thermoformed kidney padding adds yet another layer of safety, whilst small yet effective shoulder and elbow pads protect against abrasion and shock.