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Motorcycle Security Chains, Cables & U-Locks

Motorcycle security chains, cables & U-locks

Keep your precious bike safe when not in use with motorcycle security chains, cables and U-locks. With three types of locks to choose from, youre sure to find the perfect one to suit you and your motorcycle. Chains are thick, cables are thinner and U-locks are more durable. You can even combine two locks for added strength. 

Motorcycle security chains

Most motorcycle security chains are designed to be kept at one location as they can be rather heavy, making them hard to constantly carry around. 

Go for a Mammoth lock for something thats sure to keep your motorbike safe. The 1.8m length ensures that youll always be able to find somewhere to lock up, whilst the 12mm thick Cr-Mo steel design is extra thick. This, paired with reinforced cylinder plated lock with a double bearing lock mechanism, makes this chain able to withstand picking or even drilling. 

These chains come in a range of colours so youll always be able to see yours. Choose from black, blue or green for something to stand out. 

Motorcycle cables

A motorcycle cable is a lighter option that still offers security. These handy items are perfect for carrying around in your bag, or on your motorcycle. Being lightweight and easy to use, theyre perfect for those on the go. 

With a four-metre cable, a Hilka cable and lock set is a great choice. The highly flexible steel cable is extra strong and can be easily manoeuvred, letting you lock your bike to almost anything. 

Motorcycle U-locks

Motorcycle U-locks offer pure security but are lightweight and subtle. You can easily carry these types of locks around in your backpack or top box. A Ryde U-lock features a 14mm hardened steel shackle with a rubber coating and a pick-resistant double-lock padlock.