Fully Loaded Biking With Top Boxes and Tail Bags

Where to stow anything on a motorcycle can become a problem when you’re thinking of a biking holiday. Even dedicated touring bikes rarely come off the forecourt with top boxes or tail bags fitted, leaving it instead for the new owner to sort out where he’s going to keep his bits and pieces. On eBay, you will find a large selection of new and used motorcycle top boxes and tail bags from which to make your choice.

What is the difference between top boxes and tail bags?

The biggest difference is that top boxes are rigid. Generally made from plastic or GRP, they are available in a range of sizes and styles, are waterproof, and lockable. They are available for both motorcycles and scooters. Tail bags are flexible bags similar to rucksacks and holdalls. Most are a universal fit (although check with the seller). Made of nylon or leather, they can be expanded in size for carrying extra equipment or clothing.

Increase your storage space with top boxes and tail bags

Top boxes and tail bags are generally used for different purposes. A top box could be considered a permanent addition to the bike, in that it bolts or locks securely to the mounting rack. A tail bag can be strapped to the machine, making it much easier to put on or take off as and when required.

  • Top boxes are great for secure helmet storage on a daily basis. Helmets can be locked in the box when at work or shopping, for instance.
  • Top boxes can also be used to carry tools and keep changes of clothing dry when on a touring weekend.
  • Tail bags are ideal for those weekends away or longer touring holidays. Available in various shapes, and expandable, they hold a greater number of personal effects. Once at your destination, they can be easily removed from the bike and worn like a backpack.
Looking to maximise your storage space?

If your biking enjoyment means regular weekends on the road, or planned weeks away exploring coast and countryside, the chances are you want as much storage space as possible. A number of manufacturers offer matching pannier and top box kits for specific machines, or generic kits that can be attached to any machine. Having all your carrying capability behind you ensures there is nothing that can slip and hinder your riding skills.

Temporary storage for sleek sports bikes

If the thought of a luggage storage case breaking that streamlined look of your beloved mean machine is just too much, then a tail bag may be just what you need. With smoother lines and easy attachment, a tail bag can be strapped to the pillion or carrying rack when needed and removed when not, returning your bike to its original sleek contours.