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Music CDs

Compact Discs (CDs) were first introduced to the music market in 1982, co developed by Philips and Sony. Due to their affordability and availability, the technology grew fast. By the 1990s recordable CDs were widely available and by 2000 most vehicles were manufactured with CD players instead of audio tape players as it had become the leading format for recorded music. The technology was also developed further and led to the development of CD ROMs, DVDs and Blue Ray, which share the same physical attributes as the music CD.


Music CDs are available in two sizes the standard CD measures 120mm in diameter, can hold up to 700MiB of data and provides up to 80 minutes of recorded music. Mini CDs measure 80mm in diameter can store up to 210MiB of data, equating to around 24 minutes of music.

How CDs Work

A CD has a single spiral track of data that circles from the inside of the disc to the outside. This track is tiny; a micron is one millionth of a meter and the track is 0.5 microns wide. The results is a series of bumps, or pits, on the readable surface of the CD, too small to be visible to the naked eye. The CD player reads the data that is stored in these bumps, using a laser and lens system and a tracking mechanism that follows the spiral track. The data is extracted by the laser and translated into the recorded music that we hear. A complex process but thankfully not one we need to fully understand in order to enjoy our music CDs.


As in all things, some CDs are limited edition and harder to come by than others. These have significant collectible value. Examples include Coldplay's 'The Safety EP' with less than 500 produced and only approximately 100 making it to retail and Nirvana's UK only promotional version of 'Pennyroyal tea' in 1994, that was withdrawn before distribution. Rare CDs can fetch upwards of $1500.

Top Products in Music CDs

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  • Because Music BEC5543600 Chris Collector Edition by Christine and the Queens Audio CD
  • Bobbie Gentry the Girl From Chickasaw County The Complete Capitol Maste CD
  • The Greatest Showman 2017 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music Audio CD
  • 4050538360769 Kylie Minogue Golden CD Release Date 6th April 2018
  • Tom Petty an American Treasure 60 Track Deluxe 4 X CD Edition
  • a Night at The Opera 2011 Remaster 0602527644226 Queen
  • Sound System ( NTSC ) Region 0 The Clash 0887254600022
  • Joe Strummer 001 Two X CD in Slipcase The Clash Punk
  • Eric Clapton Happy Xmas CD Release October 2018
  • Phil Collins Plays Well With Others 4 CD Set 2018
  • Rick Astley Life CD Album Released 13th July 2018
  • Lost in Trance 3 CD Set Various Artists 2018
  • Prince Piano & A Microphone 1983 CD Album
  • Billy F Gibbons The Big Bad Blues CD Album
  • Katie Melua Ultimate Collection 2 CD 2018
  • Audio CD Lauren Daigle LOOK up Child
  • Queen Platinum Collection, Vol. 1 3
  • Joanne Lady Gaga CD 0602557186437
  • 50 Years Don't Stop 3cd Audio CD
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