Enjoy Great Sounds With a Preloaded Music USB Stick

Small, light, and very convenient, commercially produced, preloaded music USB sticks can provide you with hours of professional-quality music. Check out eBay to view the wide range of music available. Most USB music sticks are new, but there’s also a healthy second-hand market for them, too.

Where can a USB stick preloaded with music be played?

Simply plug the USB stick into the USB slot of any digital music player, such as a laptop, tablet, or car MP3 player, and the music will be instantly available to hear via headphones or stereo speakers. Many contain audio files only, but some USB sticks are also loaded with video footage, which can be played on devices with video playback capability. Some preloaded USB sticks also have a micro USB plug at the other end for inserting into devices, such as smartphones, instead.

How much music can be played?

The number of songs on a pre-recorded USB stick for music depends on several factors, such as:

  • Storage capacity: Memory stick capacity can range from less than a gigabyte to several hundred gigabytes. An extended album in MP3 format requires only about half of a gigabyte, while HD quality video may need up to 3 gigabytes per hour.
  • The product: As it’s a commercial product, the producer decides how much audio or video the memory stick will contain. It may be an extended album by an artist plus some video footage, or it could even be that artist’s complete collection of albums. The producer will choose a memory stick with the capacity required before loading audio or video music onto it.
  • Digital quality: Pre-recorded music on a USB stick will usually have the same quality as that of a CD or could be even better. However, in some cases, the quality may be lowered in order to take up less memory space and allow more songs or video footage.
The range of available music

There's a huge range of pre-recorded music now available on USB sticks. Whether your tastes run to David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Indian Bollywood, trance classics, or you want nursery rhymes for your kids, the choice is yours.

Package size

USB sticks loaded with music are very small and only about the size of your thumb, which is why they’re also called thumb drives, but the package they come in is larger and often about the size of a CD case, but thicker. That’s because, in addition to the memory stick, they may contain printed song lyrics, photos, and information about the artist.