• Johannus Studio S Digital Organ

    A Johannus Studio S Single manual digital organ. I have owned this organ form new in 2008. It is in good condition and all works as it should, except for one note (tenor C not working, but I believe it is easy for an engineer to repair).
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    Ending Today at 3:19PM BST14h 36mCollection in person
  • Allen Digital Theatre Compact Organ

    Allen Digital Theatre Organ, footboard and stool. Working but needs some attention, probably best for spares.
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    Ending Tuesday at 10:34AM BST1d 9hCollection in personBrand: Allen
  • Viscount Cantorum III classical organ

    Viscount Cantorum III single manual classical organ. Good condition, all working. 15 registers, split keyboard function, pedal organ simulation.  Includes heavy duty flight case, stand, music stand, swell pedal, power unit, optional external speaker with cables.
    1 bidEnding Today at 3:02PM BST14h 19mCollection in personBrand: Viscount

    Sinfonia Nell' Opera, Elisa e Claudio. Ridotta per Cembelo Solo dal Sign. make Supersized seem small. Get images that.
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    Ending Thursday at 7:36PM BST3d 18h

    Organs and Tuning by Thomas Elliston. 2nd Edition. Hardback book published 1895.
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    £1.60 postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:14PM BST6d 20h

    Russian music book, published in Moscow. Book 2. Circa 1796-1810. Pages; 82, 2. UK; 2nd class £3.30 / 2nd signed £4.40. make Supersized seem small. Get images that.
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    £3.30 postage
    Ending Thursday at 7:34PM BST3d 18h
  • PIPE ORGAN ELECTRIC CHEST - 14 NOTES, Lever-arm magnets

    It was mainly the tenor octave that stood on this chest – so think of it as being useful to contain the Bottom Octave of a 4ft Principal or an 8ft Stopped flute, or alternatively the tenor octave of an 8ft Open Diapason or 16ft Bourdon.
    0 bidsEnding Wednesday at 10:55AM BST2d 10hCollection in person

    By Ignace Pleyel. London; Longman & Broderip, circa 1791. Op XXI. Violin Part. Pages; (2), 13, (1). Par Boniface Azioli. Paris; A la Typographie de la Syrene, circa 1807. Pages 69.
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    £3.30 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 7:32PM BST2d 18h
  • Vintage YAMAHA Electone EL-90 98 Key Electric / Digital Organ / Keyboard - D34

    As the UK's number one heart charity, the cutting edge research we fund has already made a big difference to people's lives. Every penny you spend or donate takes us closer to beating heart disease for good.
    9 bidsEnding Thursday at 9:09PM BST3d 20hCollection in personBrand: Yamaha
  • Compton pipe organ stops with MIDI (for Hauptwerk)

    This is great for making your Hauptwerk set up more realistic, or you could simply cannibalise the parts for another organ building project.
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    £15.00 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 5:58PM BST2d 17h
  • antique organ case polython mahogany music cabinet book case gothic

    It could possibly be a polython cabinet, but as just a mahogany cabinet it is very impressive.
    0 bidsEnding Wednesday at 8:11PM BST2d 19hCollection in person
  • Hammond Organ L122 Modified Scanner And Percussion

    The L100 (this is a L122 - different woodwork) was the cheapest of the Hammond range in the 1960s. One of the savings was made by putting in a cheap vibrato scanner. This one has been improved with a scanner from a T500 and a new circuit board.
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    Brand: Hammond
  • Brass Tuning cones For Church Pipe Organs

    Set of three tuning cones for pipe organs. Good condition given age and perfectly useable. Good even well get and easy to use
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    Ending Wednesday at 2:57PM BST2d 14h
  • Organ Building Booklet

    Promotional material from a Glasgow based Organ Builder. 60 pages of organ photos (many in colour), specifications and stories from organ builders.
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    Free postage
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  • Vintage / Retro ROLAND AT20R 98 Key Electric / Digital Organ / Keyboard - H44

    As the UK's number one heart charity, the cutting edge research we fund has already made a big difference to people's lives. Every penny you spend or donate takes us closer to beating heart disease for good.
    0 bidsEnding Today at 9:07PM BST20h 24mCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • University Reed Organ, Spencer, with electric blower

    Beautiful 2 manual reed organ. Can be pumped by feet or has been adapted to fit an external blower (included). Mostly in working order except a few ciphers in cold weather and the picture shows how this has been managed by temporarily fixing a rubber under the highest keys on the great.
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  • technics electronic organ

    You are looking at this fabulous electronic organ. From a traditional sound to the beat box this has it all. Buyer collects from CW11 but can deliver in 20 mile radius for a fee. Viewing can be arranged Any questions email me Thanks for looking
    2 bidsEnding Saturday at 3:50PM BST5d 15hCollection in personBrand: Technics

    A box set of 10 CD's entitled The Organ Works of J.S.Bach. By Helmut Walcha. Any q's pls ask.
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    £3.05 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:48PM BST6d 19h
  • Retro YAMAHA Electone EL-60 98 Key Electric / Digital Organ / Keyboard - A30

    As the UK's number one heart charity, the cutting edge research we fund has already made a big difference to people's lives. Every penny you spend or donate takes us closer to beating heart disease for good.
    0 bidsEnding Thursday at 9:05PM BST3d 20hCollection in personBrand: Yamaha
  • Technics GA1 digital organ

    0 bidsEnding Thursday at 8:54AM BST3d 8hCollection in personBrand: Technics
  • Farfisa Electric Organ TS901 - good working order

    Farfisa TS901 organ in very good all round condition Big organ sound with hundreds of different combinations, roll top cover and lidded storage stool.
    1 bidEnding Thursday at 4:24PM BST3d 15hCollection in personBrand: Farfisa
  • Street organ / piano. Usa

    No woodworm.nice condition.
    1 bidEnding Today at 2:17PM BST13h 35mCollection in person

    Any q's pls ask.
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    £1.60 postage
    Ending Sunday at 8:14PM BST6d 19h

    The Pirates, An Opera in Three Acts. Composed by Stephen Storace. London; Printed and Sold by J Dale, 1792. Pages; (2), 93, (1) / The Grand Dramatic Romance of Blue Beard or Female Curiosity. The Words by George Coleman the Younger Esq.
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    £3.30 postage
    Ending Tuesday at 7:37PM BST1d 18h
  • Yamaha Electrone El-40 Organ

    Yamaha electric organ, good working order buyer collects, can deliver locally at a small fee
    0 bidsEnding Tuesday at 11:53AM BST1d 11hCollection in personBrand: Yamaha
  • Gulbransen Palace Theatre Organ. Need Gone Bargain...

    0 bidsEnding Today at 6:35PM BST17h 52mCollection in person
  • Leslie two speed rotor assembly for speaker, fully working

    Leslie speaker two speed rotor unit on baseboard complete with fully working 234vac 50/60Hz motors. One motor fast, the other slow rotation speed.  Just removed from a working home made leslie speaker cabinet that was no longer required.  Ideal for making up your own Leslie speaker or replacing a faulty rotor unit. Made by CBS musical Instruments in the USA. Label attached giving maintenance instructions. Rotor size 14.5 inch diameter by 6.5 inch high.  Base board approx 18.5 by 18.5 inches.  Overall height 10 inch. No speaker but uses one 8 - 9 inch diameter. Weght 15lb Collection preferred but will post as above to mainland Uk only as per Hermes standard rate.
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    £12.00 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 8:51PM BST2d 20h
  • hammond organ

    Hammond super SX1 organ. Beautiful sounds. I played organ from new but was left in club several years. It was £6600 new. Bargain at £100.
    0 bidsEnding Tuesday at 1:30PM BST1d 12hCollection in personBrand: Hammond

    They are quite attractively made, varnished, and play a good note. I've no idea of the orginial builder, but they were incorporated into an organ rebuild in the midlands in the 1980s, as a 4ft "Harmonic Flute" stop on the Pedal organ.
    0 bids
    £3.00 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 10:55AM BST2d 10h
  • Ahlborn SL-100 Compact Digital Classical Pipe Organ Very Nice Condition

    Ahlborn SL-100 Compact Digital Classical Pipe Organ. This Organ is great for flat, house or church, with high quality sound and digital sound samples from 4 very high quality internal speakers. Although this does not have bass pedals it has a bass section for the left hand, which compensates for the lack of bass pedals very well, which can be turned off and on so the left hand side can work as an ordinary single manual organ.
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  • Organ Stand for Hauptwerk /Miditzer/Virtual Organ Set -Ups etc...

    Dismantles as seen in the photo'.
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  • Roland Atelier AT10S Electric Organ / Electronic Practice Piano

    Used condition. Does come with stand, just had it apart as it needed a little solder on a dry joint to stop it cutting out when moved. Display works. Floppy drive works. Keyboards touch sensitive. Everything works. Bought it to help with a problem with my other Atelier but the internals of an S (2001 models) are very different from that of an R (1999). It would be a shame to rip the display out and dump the rest! I also needed a sound board and Roland engineers are dying out...
    1 bidEnding Friday at 1:07PM BST4d 12hCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • Bontempi Pop 5 Electronic Organ 37124

    Italian made Bontempi Pop 5 Electronic Organ 37124 All original and working fine. Collection only please
    0 bidsEnding Thursday at 9:19PM BST3d 20hCollection in personBrand: Bontempi
  • technics electronic organ en4

    I will not go into the details as you can look them up but the key features include midi connectivity and a sequencer. The organ separates from the bottom to ease transport. Due to the size it is collection only.
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    or Best Offer
    Ending Saturday at 11:25AM BST5d 10hCollection in personBrand: Technics
  • Vintage Hammond Organ Rushworth and Draper Liverpool

    Originally supplied by Rushworth and Draper of Liverpool. The drum machine is working perfectly, nice and loud and drummy. depth 59 cm.
    Collection in personBrand: Hammond
  • Hammond 8222 Organ (Made in USA). Some Repairs Needed - please see description

    The organ is onlypartially functioning.
    1 bidEnding Friday at 11:49AM BST4d 11hCollection in personBrand: Hammond
  • Hammond E100 Tonewheel Organ

    Hammond E100 Tonewheel organ, 2 manual with 25 note pedal board, believed to date from the 1950s (NOT the model with the Leslie speaker).
    1 bidEnding Saturday at 9:47PM BST5d 21hCollection in personBrand: Hammond
  • 1960s keyboard organ - Transistor Gem

    Sounds like a Vox Continental but a fraction o price
    0 bidsEnding Wednesday at 8:44PM BST2d 20hCollection in person
  • Yamaha EL70C Electone digital orchestra / organ

    Yamaha EL70 Contemporary style digital orchestra / organ in generally excellent condition. The keyboard section lifts off the base (4 screws, 3 easily identifiable plugs) and it will fit into the back of an estate car.
    0 bidsEnding Wednesday at 10:19AM BST2d 9hCollection in personBrand: Yamaha
  • Leslie Speaker 6 pin Cable 30ft for Hammond Organ B3 C3 A100 RT3

    Clean, lovely performing cable. Owned in this used condition for many years. UK sale only preferably.
    Collection in person
  • New listing Orla GT8000 Compact Electronic Organ

    It is complete with 104 page User manual, set up disk and various Styles disks. The organ's serial number is 10072019. You may be able to find out from Orla UK what the the mystery modifications do.
    0 bidsEnding Sunday at 6:14PM BST6d 17hCollection in person
  • Yamaha Electone D85 organ - Brown

    Serial no : 6025 Yamaha Electone D85. A large peddle organ in good working condition. A lovely piece of furniture. Beautiful tones. 8 foot pedals. Top range model.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Yamaha
  • Hammond Super Ex Organ 

    HAMMOND ORGAN   MODEL SUPER EX 700E/1000E/2000E not sure which of the3 it is
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    or Best Offer
    Ending Friday at 6:06PM BST4d 17hCollection in personBrand: Hammond
  • Hammond electric organ

    Collection in personBrand: Hammond
  • Leslie two speed rotor assembly for speaker, fully working

    Leslie speaker two speed rotor unit on baseboard complete with fully working 234vac 50/60Hz motors. One motor fast, the other slow rotation speed. Been in storage for a few years but rotor spins fine with motors energised.
    0 bids
    £12.00 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 8:43PM BST2d 20h
  • leslie speaker 120

    leslie speaker 120. Condition is Used. Collection in person only. Works fine, spins at both speeds. Runs nice and quietly.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    15 watching
  • Technics G7

    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Technics
Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Organs are large keyboard instruments usually seen in churches. Their sounds are produced by playing the keyboard, leading to a gust of pressurised air (wind) being blown through their pipe rows. 

In recent times, they are no longer supplied air from bellows, as they are now usually powered by electricity.

Types of Organ

  • Pipe Organs – the most common type of organ. Each pipe sits atop a hollow container that is filled with wind whenever its player works the organ’s bellows. These are the organs you commonly see in churches
  • Electronic Organs – These organs are fairly self-explanatory, being equipped with an electronic keyboard and designed to imitate the sound of pipe or theatre organs. They have since branched off into several other types of organs
  • Theatre Organs – unique in that they are a type of pipe organ developed to create music for silent films. They are shaped like a horseshoe and their consoles are usually coloured in bright, extravagant shades

Which organ should I buy?

Each organ sounds different, despite them being known for their distinctive sound. 

The way an organ sounds is the most important aspect of buying one, as the brand and age of the organ can affect the sound.

  • Pipe organs - tend to boast a richer, fuller sound and are also made from high-quality materials, ensuring their longevity. Pipe organs, however, must be regularly maintained
  • Electronic organs  - easier to use and the fact that they are powered by electricity and thus do not need you to work the bellows is an added advantage. You can attach many accessories to electronic organs, such as MIDI controllers
  • Theatre organs - essentially similar to pipe organs, though there are some differences. Church organs generally have a straight row of stop tabs and rockers, while the theatre style console is shaped in the form of a horseshoe. The sounds they produce are also quite different, as the foundation tone of the pipe organ is the diapason, while the theatre organ uses the tibia
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