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Check Out the Modern Developments in Muslim Swimwear

In 2007, Australian Aheda Zanetti designed the burkini, a piece of Muslim swimwear for today's modern Muslimah, to meet growing demand. Since then, a range of designers has produced Muslim swimwear to suit different preferences, styles, and interpretations of hijab. eBay carries a broad selection of modest swimwear from reliable brands to fit any budget, work with your lifestyle, and reflect your beliefs.

What benefits does swimwear have over regular modest clothing?

While it's possible to have fun at the beach and go swimming in regular clothing, there are several benefits to wearing swimwear designed specifically for this purpose. Here are a few advantages:

  • Lighter fabrics: Swimwear is made of light fabrics that won't weigh you down as you swim, and they will feel more breezy under a hot sun.
  • Faster drying: Not only do swimwear fabrics weigh less in the water, but they also allow the water to evaporate more quickly, meaning you'll be dry much faster.
  • Stays in place: Modest clothing designed specifically for swimming will stay in place, so your tunic won't float up when you're in the water.
Are there different kinds of Islamic swimwear available?

Yes, because different Muslims have different interpretations of modest dress, there are different swimsuits to suit those needs. Sites like eBay carry a range of swimsuit styles. Some people prefer a tight-fitting wetsuit that covers everything except the hands, feet, and face but allows a full range of motion. Others opt for a looser-fitting Islamic swimwear hijab that hides the outline of the body and includes a hood that drapes down over the bust. Some prefer to stick with modest black, but the swimwear comes in a variety of colours and patterns if you prefer something different. The Islamic swimwear hijab can be designed with two pieces, with straight pants and a hooded tunic, or it can be made of three or four pieces with the addition of a skirt or a removable head covering.

Can you wear modest swimwear if you're not a Muslim?

Yes, there are many excellent reasons to wear modest swimwear even if you're not a Muslim. Other religions also have modesty guidelines, and the coverage of most Muslim swimwear for today's modern Muslimah also satisfies other faiths. Non-religious women and men see many benefits to Muslim swimwear. The head-to-toe coverage protects your skin from sun exposure, and the tight-fitting fabric can help enhance athletic performance. Modest swimwear also helps people with body-image concerns and can be a comfort to those with gender dysphoria.

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