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Use USB Splitters for Enhanced Peripheral Action

If you're on the hunt for a way to expand the peripheral potential of your computer, you'll need one of the USB splitters offered in this collection. It's easy to find the splitters that you need on eBay, and there are some key facts that you should know about these computing accessories before you make a final choice.

What types of USB splitters are there?

There are hundreds of different unique models of USB splitters, but each model can be sorted into a particular category:

  • Splitters - These are the simplest types of USB-splitting devices, and they consist of a single male USB plug that branches into two female USB ports. These devices are compact and highly portable, and they are usually black or white in colour.
  • Portable hubs - A small, portable hub is a good choice if you want more peripherals and you still want to take your USB splitter with you. These splitters transform a single USB plug into many different ports, and they sometimes have LED light displays.
  • Desktop hubs - These USB splitters have their own power supplies, so they aren't as easy to take around with you. They're capable of supporting more USB ports, and they often come with special features.
  • Hubs with LED indicators - Some desktop and portable hubs may have LED indicators that tell you when a particular port is in use. These indicators may be blue, green, or red depending on the model.
How many ports do these splitters have?

The number of ports that these splitters create depends on the model. While traditional splitters only create two ports where there was one before, some heavy-duty desktop splitter models may create as many as 12 ports out of a single USB plug.

How do you pick the right splitter?

The most important factor that will affect your purchase is the number of USB ports that you want to add to your computing setup. If you simply need to free up a single port by combining two USB peripherals, a two-port splitter would be perfect. However, if you want to be able to easily plug in and unplug peripherals on your desktop, a desktop hub would be more to your liking. Your final considerations will involve which particular style you like and whether or not you want optional accessories like LED indicators, dedicated power supplies, and USB 3.0 compatibility.

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