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Nikon Camera Remote

Nikon camera remotes enable you to control certain features of your camera remotely. A camera remote can really help to enhance your photography skills as well as making photography a lot easier.

Nikon remote shutter releases allow you to take a picture with the click of a button. The remote eliminates the risk of camera shake that may occur when taking a picture on your camera with your hands. The majority of camera shutter release remotes from Nikon have an immediate release mode to ensure you capture the image as soon as you click the button. Certain models also allow you to set up a delay.

The ML-L3 and the ML-3 remotes from Nikon come with an infrared remote control that triggers the camera enabling you to take photos wirelessly. The remote sends a radio frequency signal to the receiver when you activate the trigger on the remote. This is great if you want to take group photos.

Remote release shutters can come with a built in wireless router timer enabling you to plan your perfect shot. This is a useful function if the shutter speed is slow or you are using a tripod to reduce camera shake.


A remote camera shutter release is ideal if you want to include yourself in a group photo or take a self-portrait. The remote will allow you to trigger the camera's shutter so you can take the photo at the perfect moment.

If you are a keen wildlife photographer a camera remote shutter release is highly beneficial. You can set up your camera, hide out of view so you do not disturb any wildlife and take your shot with a click of a button. The shutter release button also eliminates any risk of the camera shaking and ruining your shot.

Shutter releases are also useful when shooting multiple exposures. Shutter release remotes are ideal if you want to create multiple exposures when taking photos of moving objects but you want your images to remain sharp. The shutter release remote can take multiple photos at once without compromising on quality.

Wireless remote controllers, such as the WR-R10 transceiver from Nikon, are ideal for photojournalists who are taking multiple photos from different cameras at an event. The system uses radio frequencies instead of infrared meaning you do not have to be in line with the site of the receiver. The range of site is available in 66 ft, 164 ft and 394 ft dependant on the model.

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