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Nikon Compact Film Cameras

Nikon are a Japanese film and camera company who specialise in lenses for everything from cameras to sniper rifles. They have dominated the photography arena for a long time and have a considerable history in compact film cameras . These cameras pre-date modern digital cameras by decades but are still very popular, now experiencing resurgence due to the booming photography scene.

Compact cameras

Often inexpensive and reliable, these smaller, more basic film cameras rely more on a photographer's ability than a host of power hungry secondary systems. Basic point and shoot cameras like compact film cameras enable photographers to take great pictures without breaking the bank. Using traditional film and minimal features, these basic models are great for both budding photographers and ones in search of a better challenge.

Their lack of any additional manual control is both their biggest advantage and their biggest disadvantage. True point and shoot cameras make you rely on intuition more than digital measurements. Inexpensive and supremely portable, Nikon compact film cameras can also be deployed quickly so not a single shot is missed.

Film type

The most common film type is 35mm. This means it is 35mm wide, which in effect controls the general size of the image produced. Film is available in black and white, colour, infrared, positive or negative, which allows different types of photographs to be produced.

Choosing a camera

When choosing which Nikon film camera you would like, pay special attention to its weight. Often overlooked by photographers both experienced and hobbyist, the weight of the camera makes a big difference when you're lugging it around all day.

Additional accessories such as neck straps also sometimes come with the cameras, but they can be purchased separately as well. Personal preference makes a big difference too, both aesthetically and practically.

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