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Nikon Digital Cameras

Nikon are a Japanese company that supply digital film technology worldwide and specialise in digital cameras. Nikon digital cameras are very popular and are renowned for their high quality performance incorporating innovative technology into their designs. They have three promises that they strive to follow, which are at the heart of the company, these are: 'be true to the heart', 'ignite the heart' and 'invent for the heart'. With this in mind, you can feel safe in the knowledge that their cameras are made to high standards. Made with love and passion, there are a range of digital cameras to help you with all your photography or filming needs.

Digital Camera Model

The digital cameras that are on offer vary in model, these are the D600, D3000 and the D5000. These vary in size and shape, not to mention age. It is important to choose the right model when buying a Nikon camera, whether you're after a modern camera with lots of features or a more simple design, there is a camera to suit your needs!

Digital Model Types

Nikon digital cameras come in three different types: digital SLR , bridge and compact. SLR cameras offer a combination of the optics and mechanisms of a single lens camera along with a digital imaging sensor. They let the photographer see exactly what is going to be captured through the lens, meaning more precision and accuracy on the final photo.

SLR cameras are popular for professional photographers as they have lots of features to capture high quality photos. Bridge cameras are very similar to SLR camera however they lack a number of features such as having no optical viewfinder and no interchangeable lenses. They 'bridge' the gap between a SLR and compact camera, as they are a lot simpler to use and shoot with in comparison to the SLR.

The compact camera is a small digital camera that is popular to buy for everyday photo taking. The camera is made for simple shooting with just simple features such as a flash and automatic light and contrast settings. These are small and sleek and will fit easily into a bag.

It is important to decide which type of Nikon camera you want out of these three types as they vary in quality and features. The SLR is perfect for professional photographers whereas the compact camera is great as an everyday camera to take on family trips and holidays. Of course there are a number of options available in each of the ranges, no two SLRs are the same, the same is true for the range of Nikon compacts , so the choices are almost endless.

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