Play More Games With a Wii Remote

A Wii remote is a critical component when you want to play games on the Nintendo Wii system. You can connect as many as four remotes into a game so that you can play with friends. eBay offers a wide array of affordable Wii remotes for you to choose from to personalise your game experience.

How does a nunchuk connect to the Wii Remote?

A nunchuk is an accessory that is required for certain games on the Nintendo Wii. When you buy the Wii remote, some eBay sellers bundle it with a nunchuck to provide you with everything you might need. In order to connect the accessory, you will need to feed the cord on the wrist strap through the hook on the connector. Then, the plug of the nunchuk will snap into the external extension connector on the Wii remote. If it is not connected properly, the Wii console will notify you when the game requires you to have it. When this happens, disconnect and then reconnect to ensure that the plug is properly seated.

Can you use a Wii remote with the Wii U?

Wii U is the game console that is the successor to Wii, developed by Nintendo. While the Wii U includes a GamePad controller, it can also use the traditional Nintendo Wii remote that was available with the original console. This will allow you to choose the controller that is suited for the game that you are playing.

What is a Wii remote skin?

A remote skin is a sticker or pre-printed design on the Wii remote that allows for personalisation. Various colours are available, including ones that take after well-known Nintendo characters like Yoshi and Bowser. Sometimes, the skin is a silicone cover that can be peeled on and off of the remote whenever you desire. These can add additional grip when holding the remotes too. Having some kind of skin on the remote is beneficial when you have multiple players because it's easy to tell which remote belongs to which person.

What is a Nintendo Wii MotionPlus remote?

You will find that some of the eBay listings include a Wii MotionPlus option. This is an expansion device that snaps onto the bottom of the Wii remote. It is designed to capture complex motion more effectively. Particularly when you are playing WiiSports and other games, the MotionPlus component will ensure that your movements are being caught properly. This way, what you're doing with the remote is mirroring what's happening on the screen with your Mii.

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