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For More Accurate Control, the Wii U Remote Plus is the Way to Go

When it came to motion control, the Nintendo Wii U was a major force for motion control thanks to the Wii U remote plus. The Wii remote plus controller is a very advanced motion controller that had a stronger sensor for recording the player’s gestures, and this heightened motion sensitivity was useful because players could play their games with more of their motion transferred to their in-game avatars. Today, many people seek out this unique Wii U remote on eBay because of how fun it makes some of this console's most famous games.

Does the Wii U plus controller secure to the wrists?

When you’re playing your games, it’s a good idea to secure the Motion Plus controller first, which is done via a small lanyard at the base of the device. Simply attach this lanyard around your wrist, and the Wii U motion plus controller won’t go far, even if you accidentally lose your grip. Additionally, the controller is very ergonomic, which makes it hard to lose your grip.

What are some important Nintendo Wii Remote Plus features?

In addition to the ability to provide a better motion control experience, the Wii U Remote Plus also is able to:

  • Connect to the Wii U gamepad controller for co-op play
  • Connect with the Wii Remote Plus nunchuck
  • Be covered by the Wii-era silicone protective skin cases
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Connect with the Wii U controller pro
What colours do Nintendo Wii U Remote Plus controllers come in?

One of the features that this console was known for was having multiple colour variants for the Wii U Motion Plus remote. There were Wii U Motion Plus colour variants for different games like "New Super Mario Bros," "Yoshi's Wooly World," and "Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Additionally, this Wii U motion plus controller also had other options that spanned a wide variety of colours. Altogether, there were 19 variants to choose from.

What is the Wii U controller pro?

For those who prefer a gamepad-style experience, the Wii U motion plus has a connector that allows you to use the Wii U pro controller, which has a directional pad and a standard button layout. This controller is useful for fight games like "Super Smash Brothers" and is very useful in side-scrolling platforms as well.

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