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Power Up with a Nintendo Wii Power Supply

The Nintendo Wii was the best selling console of its generation, introducing a new and innovative control scheme that allowed for many brand new gaming experiences, like Wii Sports. It's therefore no surprise that the console remains popular today. If you have recently bought a console without Wii leads, or you've lost your original Nintendo Wii power supply, then you'll find plenty of cheap Wii power supply cables on eBay.

Will other console power supply cables work?

The Wii power supply cables come with a power brick attached that is required to give the Wii power. It will not work properly without the correct power supply cables and it is absolutely not recommended to try. It is best to stick with official Nintendo Wii power supply cables only, or risk permanent damage to your console.

Can you use Wii U power cables on the Wii?

Despite being very similar, the power cables for the Wii and the Wii U are not interchangeable. This is despite some of the Nintendo Wii leads, such as the sensor bar, working on the Wii U. While third party accessories and peripherals are common and usually cheaper, it is highly recommended that you only use official Wii power supply cables and adapters. The power supply unit is one of the most important parts of the console and there are no officially endorsed power supply alternatives to the original Wii power supply. No matter the model, only the Nintendo Wii power supply cables should be used with the Nintendo Wii.

What other cables are necessary to use a Nintendo Wii?

If you've recently bought or found a console without any Wii leads, these are the cables necessary for full use:

  • Wii power cable.
  • Sensor bar cable.
  • Wii AV cable.
What Wii games are available?

There are well over a thousand games that have been released since the Wii's launch in 2006. Although not all games were released in all regions, the top five best sellers are:

  • Wii Sports (2006).
  • Mario Kart Wii (2008).
  • Wii Sports Resort (2009).
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009).
  • Wii Play (2008).
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