Taking Care of Your Virtual Pets Is Pure Fun With Nintendogs

Nintendogs is a highly popular pet simulation game that was originally released for the Nintendo DS systems. Released in 2005, this game received the 2006 Innovation Award from PC World, was rated a Best Handheld Game from the Associated Press, and is one of the highest selling Nintendo games as of 2018. The original game came in three different dog versions and was re-released twice after, and the related releases of Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS also feature different dogs and cats in three different versions.

What editions of Nintendogs are there?

The original game was released for the Nintendo DS in 2005 as a launch title for the Nintendo DS. It originally was released with three different variations: "Lab & Friends," "Dachshund & Friends," and "Chihuahua & Friends." "Best Friends" was a compilation game of the most popular breeds from the three original games and was only available as part of a Nintendo system bundles. "Dalmatian & Friends" was released in 2006.

What editions of Nintendogs + Cats are there?

Nintendo released Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS as a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011 with these three editions: "Toy Poodle & New Friends," "Golden Retriever & New Friends," and "French Bulldog & New Friends."

What game systems will play Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats?

Nintendogs will run on these Nintendo gaming systems:

  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 3DS XL
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendogs + Cats will only run on the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL.

What are the features of these games?

Depending on which of the versions you are playing, you will have certain breeds of dogs available to pick in the beginning. For all the games, you will eventually be able to unlock all 18 breeds, no matter which version that you have. Once you choose a breed, you will then choose the colours and personalities, pay the adoptions fee and head home with your new puppy. Users will use the Nintendo DS's voice recognition and touch screen to teach and interact with their pets.

Nintendogs + Cats is designed to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS and has better animation and fur effects. There are three variations, each with different initial breeds to choose, depending on the game version. The basic gameplay is the same, although the dog activities have changed a bit. Just as in the earlier Nintendo DS games, users can throw toys for their pets to catch, and these activities are even more fun in 3D.

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