Non-Fiction Books

Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction is an exciting category of literature thats all about facts and truth-telling. It educates us about a world thats centred in reality and explores real places, people and events. It covers a wide range of genres from biographies, history and memoirs to how-to, business and self-help.

With over nine million non-fiction books to choose from, bookworms will love the variety on offer. You can browse the most popular books or bestsellers, or use some of these filters to help you narrow down your search. Popular choices include the G Plan Diet by Amanda Hamilton and Hannah Ebelthite, the 2018 edition of the Guinness World Records and autobiographies by sportsmen Rio Ferdinand and Jenson Button.


The easiest way to find what youre looking for is to search by topic or interest. Whether youre passionate about art, health and fitness, sport, cookery, travel, DIY or something else, youre guaranteed to find a book that piques your interest.

Soft or Hardback

Theres also a choice between hardback and softback, with each format having several benefits depending on your reading preferences. Softbacks are great for reading on the go, while hardbacks are designed to be more robust.

Softbacks are lightweight and inexpensive making them perfect for taking on holiday, whereas a hardback could be a limited edition or special coffee table book youll treasure for years to come.


You can filter non-fiction books by their publication year to help you find what youre looking for faster. Browse pre-1700, 1800-1899 or more modern releases. Books made since the turn of the century are split into 2000-2010 and 2011-present day.


In addition to English editions, youll also find books in foreign languages such Russian, Spanish and Japanese to name a few. So if you have an interest in another culture, or are learning another language, youll be spoilt for choice.