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Increase Your Efficiency with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Improve the performance of students or employees with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Students and team members can overcome the challenges of manual dexterity problems with any of the affordable packages on eBay. Children with learning disabilities like dyslexia can organise their ideas and gain confidence.

What editions are available for Dragon Naturally Speaking 13?

Dragon Software is available in several editions for consumers:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium both come with a headset.
  • The Premium Wireless edition comes with a Bluetooth headset, while the Premium Mobile edition includes a digital voice recorder that can be used to capture business presentations on the go.
  • Teachers benefit from a headset with the Premium Student/Teacher edition.
Can Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 facilitate different microphones?

Yes. Several users might want to switch microphones during dictation for different reasons. Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 and 13 give you flexibility within your profile as, if you wish to use a built-in mic on your laptop and then switch to a USB headset mic, you can do so. You can change to a Bluetooth mic as well, without setting up a new profile. You also keep all your formatting preferences, and custom word lists that match a built-in mic can be transferred to a Bluetooth mic, as can any personalised training. You should also consider:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 does not let you dictate into any Electronic Medical Record systems, instead, you will need the Dragon Medical Practice Edition for medical dictation.
  • Professionals who want a speech recognition system may want to consider Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 as this runs faster on a slow computer and you get 20% fewer errors.
  • The vocabulary on version 15 is more suited to business applications.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 and 15 support most social media apps with voice commands.
  • You can edit formatting in word processing apps by using Dragon's Full Text Control feature.
  • Each user can create several voice profiles under Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 and 15.
Can you use the microphone on your laptop with Dragon Naturally Speaking 13?

Yes. Some versions of the software require an external microphone, but version 13 is designed to work with the microphone on your laptop. This means you can dictate business documents and give verbal commands to your laptop without a headset. This version also provides improved voice commands when dictating in email applications.

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