Nursery Cotbeds

Tips on Choosing a Cot Bed

Every newborn baby needs somewhere to sleep that is safe, comfortable, and warm, and nothing satisfies that need better than a nicely made-up cot bed with mattress and bedding. eBay has a great selection of cot beds that you can browse by brand or, alternatively, by features.

Which brands are available on eBay?

Household name brands such as John Lewis, IKEA, Mothercare, and Mamas & Papas are constantly featured in the eBay listings, and other, lesser-known brands are also available. In addition, there are many that are sold as second-hand by sellers whose kids have outgrown them.

How is a cot different to a cot bed?

A cot is designed to accommodate your baby until he or she outgrows it, usually at around two or three years old. Cot beds are larger than cots and have removable sides. As your baby reaches toddler age, the sides can be permanently removed, and the cot bed will then be transformed into a toddler bed that will be able to accommodate your child for a few more years.

Which features are important when choosing a cot bed?

Cot bed features are focused on safety for the child and convenience for the parents. They include:

  • Safety: You can trust that new beds, especially from known brands, are safe as they have to conform to government safety standards. If buying second-hand, a good cot bed should have no sharp edges, and if the sides are the drop-side style rather than fixed, the drop mechanism should be in good condition. In addition, the spaces between the sidebars should be no wider than two and a half inches to prevent the childs limbs getting stuck between the bars.
  • manoeuvrability: A cot bed with casters fitted to it can be much more easily and quickly moved to a new location.
  • Adjustable base height: Being able to adjust the height of the base is very useful. Setting the base at its highest level makes it very easy for you to reach in and lift your baby out of the bed. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, it becomes necessary to lower the base in order to prevent your child from climbing out.
  • Storage space: Some models are furnished with a base drawer, which is very useful for having various items, such as bedding and toys, always on hand.