Spice Up Your Dining Room With an Oak Refectory Table

A dining room holds a special place in your home, as it is where you eat meals and where your family gathers around each day. Oak refectory tables add a traditional feel to any dining room. On eBay, there is a plethora of oak refectory tables available, which is why it is critical that you are aware of the features of different ones so that you can select one that is right for your home. 

What styles of oak refectory tables are available?  

  • Seventeenth-century: A seventeenth-century oak refectory table tells a story as this antique piece has been passed down over many years. This type of table is quite valuable due to its age and the intricate designs along the legs of the table. You can typically find seventeenth-century tables in both light and dark oak shades.
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse oak refectory tables utilize light beige oak for a softer appearance. Farmhouse tables are ideal for someone interested in an upgraded version of an antique table.
  • Extending: Extending refectory tables feature an adjustable middle slab of wood that allows you to extend the table when you have company. It is common to see this style of table in homes, as it is functional and it has a classic design.
  • Contemporary: There are many designs when it comes to contemporary oak refectory tables. However, one of the most common is chrome-framed due to its sleek and crisp appearance. A chrome-framed tabletop is attached to an oak base to add a twenty-first-century vibe.

How many people can sit at an oak refectory table? 

Each oak table has a seating capacity of up to four people, six people, eight people, or ten people. You can swap between chairs and benches so that you can maximise your dining space. It is common for people to place two chairs at the head of the table whilst putting benches along the length of the table. 

Are all oak refectory tables rectangular? No, not all oak refectory tables are rectangular. However, most tend to come in a rectangular or square shape. You can find circular oak tables on eBay that are often ideal for smaller living spaces such as a flat. When purchasing a circular refectory table, it is essential that you know how many guests you are likely to have on a regular basis. Circular oak tables typically fit between four and six people at a time depending on the size.