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Olympus Camera Lens Adapters, Mounts and Tubes

Upgrading your camera's equipment is almost as important as upgrading the camera itself, perhaps even more so. Olympus camera lens adapters, mounts and tubes will allow you to improve the quality of your photographs and enhance your photography experience by tailoring the parts you need for any particular effect. Whether you're a professional looking to expand your kit or an amateur with a budding collection, there are plenty of options available.

There are a variety of different products available that will suit your photography needs including an adapter that will convert a Four Thirds lens for use with a Micro Four Thirds camera body. These adapters have manual focus, a breech lock and are made from robust aluminium. Some also come supplied with a rear lens cap.

If you are looking for close-up perfection, an extension lens is designed to provide 3x magnification which will get you up close and personal with your subject. Designed for high end optical performance, this lens converts to the 35mm equivalent of a 420mm lens. Some of the lenses also including additional accessories including a mounting bracket, camera lens hood , front lens cap and a carrying case which makes it easy to take your camera away on a trip with you.

If you want to expand your field of view, there are fisheye converter lenses available which are designed for specific Olympus digital cameras . These lenses are waterproof and accommodate any filter with a 40.5mm thread attachment.

These camera accessories are available as individual pieces of equipment or in sets of up to five different pieces. This selection allows you to upgrade your collection all in one go or just build up a collection piece by piece.

Known as a leading manufacturer of camera equipment, Olympus was founded in Japan in 1919. Committed to developing new optic technologies, products and services, Olympus' quality designs and equipment have ensured they've led the way in the camera industry for nearly a century.

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