Conveniently Control Your Devices With Openbox Remote

When you purchase a television, a new stereo system, or something else that is typically controlled using a remote, you may find that you automatically program the device to be controlled with your universal remote. However, if all your devices are controlled with the same remote, what happens when you lose that remote? You will need to find a cheap alternative that has all the same functionality, and one of the many openbox remotes available on eBay can be the solution to your problem.

What type of openbox remotes are available?

You can either purchase a remote designed for each device you are trying to control, which includes both a television remote and a remote that works for your cable box, or you can find a universal remote that can control all these devices and more. A standard remote is designed specifically for the television or the cable box, so it may have buttons that are more in tune with the specific electronic. A universal remote gives you an all-in-one option that will not clutter your living space.

What brands of openbox remotes can be purchased?

There are a significant number of brands on the market, so while your television may be a specific brand, you do not need a universal remote with the same brand. Some of the more common brands on the market include:

  • Logitech
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Samsung
What are some features that an openbox remote should have?

You want common features on the remote like a volume rocker, a channel rocker, number buttons and more, but there are unique buttons that you may want to consider as well. This includes an on-demand button that gives you quick access to movie channels on your cable box. Another great option to consider is a button that illuminates the remote so that you can see the buttons in the dark more easily. A quick record button and a button that allows you to go back to live television could be useful to have on your new remote as well.

What are the benefits of an openbox remote?

If you invest in an openbox remote, you can purchase the remote at a lower price point and get all the same features of a standard remote. You will need the openbox remote control code to program your devices. Once you have the code, you can use one remote for all your entertainment needs.