Observe Nature or Sports Up Close With OPTOLYTH Binoculars and Spotting Scopes

Binoculars and spotting scopes are optical devices that can let you see birds and other wildlife up close. Some people even use them at sporting events to see the details. You can find OPTOLYTH binoculars and spotting scopes on eBay. 

How do you choose the right binoculars or spotting scope? 

Binoculars consist of two telescopes aligned beside each other and pointing in the same direction. Most binoculars are handheld. You can use this optical device for bird watching, range finding, hunting, and land surveying. Although they are often considered handheld devices, you could use them with a tripod. For binoculars that have magnification of 15x to 25x, it's advised to use them on a tripod. Most binoculars have a magnification ranging from 7x to 10x. You should keep this in mind to choose the right binoculars. Those with 15x to 25x are often used in military and astronomy applications. 

A spotting scope is a portable telescope that displays an erect image. You can use this optical device for bird watching, hunting, ranging, and naturalist activities. They have a magnification of 20x to 60x. Eyepieces on spotting scopes are usually interchangeable, so you can use different magnifications as needed. An important factor to consider in choosing a spotting scope is its eyepiece mount layout. Straight-through versions have the eyepiece on the same axis as the scope's body. Angled models situate the eyepiece at around a 45- or 90-degree angle to the scope's body. Use an angled scope if you need to frequently look up and down without changing the scope's height. 

What types of OPTOLYTH binoculars can you choose from? 

OPTOLYTH has several lines of binoculars that you can find on eBay, such as:  

  • Royal: The binoculars in this product line are rubber armoured and feature two focusing wheels and Ceralin-plus multicoating. They come in 8x56, 9x63, 10x56, and 15x63.
  • Sporting: This series of OPTOLYTH binoculars are designed for use at sporting events. You could also use them while hiking or observing nature. Options in sizes include 8x24, 10x28, and 12x30.
  • ViaNova: The ViaNova series have large central adjustment wheels and Ceralin-plus multicoating. They are suitable for ornithologists, hunters, and nature observers.

What types of OPTOLYTH spotting scopes are available? 

Product lines of OPTOLYTH spotting scopes you can choose from include:  

  • MINI: Featuring rubber armouring and a short pullout, the MINI is suitable for hunting.
  • Fixed: The Fixed series is designed for bird watching and other types of nature observing. It features a retractable sun shield and rubber armouring.
  • Compact: Allowing for a close-up range of 2.8 metres and field of view of up to 54 metres, you can use Compact spotting scopes to observe nature.

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