Original Oil Paintings Enhance Your Surroundings

To enhance any setting in minutes, use oil paintings. Inspiring selections from eBay cover almost any theme you can think of and will blend with the decor in your home or office.

What size painting should you get?

Oil paintings on eBay are available in various sizes to meet your needs. You can choose the size that suits your space. While most paintings of any size on eBay will come to you framed and are ready to hang, there are several options for individuals or corporations that prefer to mount the work themselves, to match a particular aesthetic.

Can you find colours to match your decor?

Yes. You can find paintings on eBay to match any colour scheme in your room or restaurant, and these enhance the impact of your current layout. If you want to calm children in a nursery or excite patrons at a sporting event, eBay has paintings with suitable colours and themes for your school or community centre. There are bold colours for pubs and other areas where conversation occurs, and peaceful paintings in shades like green, for spas.

The style and colour of your frame are also important since frames unify the image. Real wooden frames are often used with paintings on eBay, and these have an attractive natural look. You can also find composite frames, made with MDF, or choose from metal frames, made with materials, such as aluminium.

Match your style

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, eBay has paintings to match your needs. You can mix the type of paintings used in your home to create more interest or stick to specific styles in a business environment to portray a conservative look that builds confidence. In finance and other sectors, it's important to consider your brand and the needs of your clients before you make a selection. Vendors on eBay can supply large numbers of paintings along the same theme, so the message throughout a large building remains consistent. When selecting paintings, consider:

  • The impact you want to have on clients.
  • How you want guests to feel when they enter your home.
  • The textures that appeal to you.
Enjoy paintings from different eras

If you enjoy paintings that depict current events or question social issues, you can find them on eBay. Paintings are usually done on canvas, which is of archival quality, and the vendor will note this in their description. Paintings may also be done on other media, such as wood, and the frames may have a rustic quality, which complements that choice.