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Orthotics, Braces & Orthopaedic Sleeves

Orthotics is a medical speciality that looks at the design, manufacture and use of special medical devices such as splints and braces. These medical devices are designed to support people during and after illness or injury, and sometimes they can even help change the way the neuromuscular and skeletal systems work if worn over long periods of time.

Whatever part of the body you're looking to support, there is a brace, sleeve or orthotic support available for it.

Orthopaedic braces

Do you find yourself with back ache after a day sitting down at a desk? Many people develop back problems from sitting still and hunching over a desk, so specialised back support braces and belts have been designed to help improve posture. A back brace can give you extra support for your spine and muscles, and can help to relieve back pain by removing some of the pressure on your nerves caused by bad posture.

Some back support braces also come with magnets inserted.

Orthopaedic supports and sleeves

Once only available from medical practitioners, orthopaedic supports and sleeves are widely available for purchase, for almost any part of the body.

One specialist area for support sleeves is for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other musculoskeletal problems, sometimes called Repetitive Strain Injuries. If you're experiencing work related upper body problems, and after you've asked your doctor or a pharmacist for advice, a support can be a great way to help the injured area to rest and heal, along with any medication or advice you've been given by a medical expert.

Most orthotic support braces are made from neoprene, which is a very flexible, breathable fabric used for its abilities to keep body heat in and let sweat escape. It's strong enough to help support and boost circulation while reducing swelling. They are also available in nylon, silicone and polyester.

Like back braces, supports for knees, ankles, wrists , shoulders and arms can have magnets added, and some have heat pads that can accentuate healing.

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