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Other Sewing, Fabric and Textile Collectables

Choose from an assortment of other sewing, fabric and textile collectables, including a variety of items for everyday sewing and textile work such as pin cushions, needles and thimbles.

Types of sewing, fabric and textile items

Ric Rac braids for clothing and curtain trims are available in a great range of colours. These trims can be easily stitched or even glued to fabrics to provide an elegant finishing touch to any item of clothing or pair of curtains. Ric rac is available in a range of fabrics such as cotton and polyester.

There are a variety of beautiful cases for safely keeping sewing items such as bobbins, buttons and threads. These can be found as ornate and intricately designed metallic cases that have a vintage appearance as well as other materials such as plastic.

Cotton tape , used for reinforcing seams and binding edges among other uses, is available in a wide selection of colours such as green, burgundy and navy blue. Additionally, tape can be found with a herringbone design.

Choose a pincushio n from an assortment of designs to suit a range of tastes. Ranging from simple polka dot designs and flower prints to decorative ornamental models with a pincushion attached, you'll find the perfect one for you.

Vintage yarn holders are practical items for dispensing yarn through but are also decorative, meaning they can be set out for display should you choose.

Vintage pin tins include storage space for an assortment of items such as buttons and thimbles, as well as pins. Vintage pin tins may also include a pin cushion on the underside of the lid for ease and convenience.

Sewing sets can be found that include an assortment of collectable sewing items. These sets might come complete with pins, pin cushion, buttons, thimbles and more, ideal for when you're looking complete sets of sewing essentials, rather than individual items.

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