Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards are synonymous with Halloween and have featured heavily in horror films and thrillers such as What Lies Beneath, The Craft, Paranormal Activity and The Exorcist.

Also known as a spirit or talking boards, Ouija boards consist of a board that features all of the letters of the alphabet, numbers ranging from 0-9 and a few basic responses such as “yes” and “no”. To play, participants must place their fingers a piece wooden or plastic planchette, ask a 'spirit' a question and see if the planchette moves across the board to spell out words.

What started off as a parlour game in the late nineteenth century has taken on a different meaning in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. While still being a great source of entertainment for the whole family, some believe that Ouija boards can be used as a vehicle to communicate with spirits.

Whatever you believe about Ouija boards, you'll find hundreds of beautifully decorated boards and planchettes to choose from.

The most popular Ouija board designs are made to look like old scrolls lit by candlelight. These are typically brown, beige, black and grey, however other styles can be found in brighter colours such as green and purple.

Other designs feature images of black cats, candles, leather-bound books, wolves and pentagrams. Typically boards come in a set with a planchette and are rectangular or square in shape.


Planchettes are usually heart-shaped and made from wood or plastic. They're designed to have a groove for fingers at one end and a pointer at the other, and slide across the board with relative ease.

If you'd like to replace or upgrade the planchette that comes as standard with a typical Ouija board you can find a range of decorative options. Choose from intricate engravings or solid and cut-out options.