Outdoor Toy Playhouses

Outdoor toy playhouses are available in a wide choice of designs and sizes to encourage outdoor play in developing children. These fun and entertaining structures are often made of wood but can also be made from other materials such as plastic and fabric. Designs can be purchased pre-painted or ready to paint in your own choice of colours.

Creative Play

Outdoor toy playhouses add an entertaining and fun element to your garden space, which encourages creativity and role-play in developing minds. They also play an important role in a child’s social development, enabling little ones to think about how they communicate with each other in a group situation.

A cute wooden Wendy house, children’s wooden playhouse or two storey wooden playhouse can be transformed from the child’s ‘home from home’ to a shop, doctor’s office or fire station enabling pre-schoolers and juniors to create and explore their own little worlds.

Other outdoor toy playhouses go one step further, adding an increased physical element to play. Two storey wooden playhouses, tree houses and some wooden playhouse sets have extra features that encourage climbing, crawling, hiding and sliding.

Safe and secure

Children’s wooden playhouses should be made from pressure-impregnated UV-resistant wood to ensure excellent strength and durability. These structures also often have sturdy plastic attachments such as brightly coloured slides and swings.

Portable and light

Tent-style fabric playhouses tend to vary in size and quite often have added fun elements in-built such as play tunnels. The great advantage of this product is that the soft structure is entirely collapsible, making it super-portable and easy to store indoors over the winter months.

In addition, a large selection of plastic outdoor playhouses can be purchased in bright colours. These products offer a similar convenience and can be set up and taken down easily, as well as being both waterproof, with some offering UV-protection to prevent fading.