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Got one to sell?

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PC Laptops & Netbooks

PC laptops & netbooks provide all the functionality of a desktop computer in a portable form. The configurations you choose will depend on whether you plan to use your laptop for business or at home.

Operating Systems

Windows is a popular operating system with many prospective buyers. Chrome OS is created by Google, and is optimised for web-based computing and online content.


Processors are the 'engine' behind your computer. Intel processors are generally more powerful, while AMD processors combine the computers graphics card and processor, allowing to do simple tasks at a lower cost. Netbooks come with a lower CPU than a laptop, however a lower CPU also means a longer battery life.


RAM controls the amount of computing tasks the processor can take at once. Most laptops have between 4GB and 8GB of RAM, with the lower end supporting most regular tasks. 8GB and above is reserved for things such as gaming.

Input Options

Laptops provide most of the input options you get on a PC, but netbooks lack an optical drive, meaning DVDs or CDs can't be played - although USB drives are now more commonly used when transferring media.


The majority of laptops hold between 500 GB and 1TB. If you have a lot of photos, music or videos, you might want to invest in more storage. Netbooks generally have significantly less storage space, meaning you may have to invest in an external hard drive .


The size of your laptop display will affect your computer's weight and battery life. A smaller display - such as a netbook's - is better if you plan to carry your laptop around regularly. Netbooks usually only have screens of around 7 to 10 inches in size with a much thinner build. The most popular size for laptops is 15 inches.


The power of your computer's graphics is dictated by a graphics card. AMD processors are fine for regular use, like surfing the web. If you're looking to do something a bit more intensive, you'll need a card more powerful, such as a Nvidia graphics chip.


The battery life of a netbook can be shorter due to its smaller battery, but it's also worth remembering laptops have to do more processing, which can also greatly hinder their runtime. Bigger, heavier laptops also suffer in the battery department.

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