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PENTAX Film Cameras

Pentax Film Cameras

Pentax is one of the worlds foremost manufacturers of photography equipment. They produce a range of premium quality digital SLR cameras , as well as compact digital cameras and digital mirrorless cameras. Pentax film cameras come with a number of great features for all your shooting needs and deliver high quality.

Features and benefits of Pentax film cameras

Many Pentax film cameras are designed to be robust and durable for everyday use in a variety of weather conditions. The Pentax 645 camera features a rugged body design that is able to withstand wind and even some light rain, protecting it from moisture seepage into the body of the camera. Some also provide protection from dust and will resist the effects of temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.

Pentax film cameras typically feature deep optical zoom capabilities with zoom depths of up to 30 times optical zoom and 60 times extended zoom. Pentax cameras also support video recording. They support multiple file types and can output video into MPEG-4, H.264 and AVI so you have a great selection of formats to choose from that are supported across multiple platforms.

Types of Pentax Film Cameras

The Pentax K1 is a full frame camera that features a 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor and up to 36.4 megapixels. These elements deliver the highest quality in image capture that ensures exceptionally authentic images that are true to life. This image technology reduces noise to a minimum and allows you to control the sense of depth and defocused effect.

The Pentax KP is a range of Pentax cameras designed especially for low light conditions. This is the ideal film camera for when conditions are dark, allowing you to shoot at dawn or dusk to capture the unique atmosphere these conditions create.

The Pentax KP features a slim and compact design that makes it a great option for travelling with as it reduces size and weight to a minimum without compromising on high end features. It also comes with a highly effective pixel level of 24.32 megapixels for great image clarity and detail and a five axis shake reduction system that delivers exceptional image stabilisation.