Paddling Pools

A great way to cool down in the summer season, paddling pools are popular additions to outdoor living. Pools add another aspect of fun to your garden, letting the whole family join in. They can be purchased in all sorts of shapes and sizes but they are typically sold in rectangular, oval and circle shapes and range from baby-sized pools to larger paddling pools.

Inflatable Pools

Traditionally considered a family pool, inflatable pools require blowing or pumping up. They commonly feature layers of inflatable rings where multiple compartments must be air-filled and they will vary in the amount of assembly time according to size and scale. Such paddling pools offer up the most variety in design, ranging from shallow baby paddling pools to fun themed children’s pools in the shapes of castles, pirate ships or dinosaurs.

Many larger scale paddling pools are built to accommodate the whole family and are constructed of heavy duty PVC and polyester and have extra wide sidewalls. The thickness of this material is termed the ‘gauge’, with the higher the gauge, the thicker the material and more resistant it will be to wear.

Some large paddling pools have convenient add-ons such as drinks holders and built-in inflatable seats for added comfort. The largest paddling pools usually have a metal frame around the sides and often offer more depth, allowing smaller children to swim. Some paddling pools also come with built-in fabric or inflatable sunshades, great at protecting your children’s skin from the direct sun in the height of summer.

Pop-Up Pools

Pop-up paddling pools are quick and easy to assemble and usually have rigid PVC sidewalls and sturdy vinyl bases. Often these rigid plastic pools can simply be unpacked and flipped up onto the ground to construct. Generally, this style is smaller in design although some types are suitable for larger families, gatherings and older children.