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Panasonic LUMIX Digital Cameras

Panasonic LUMIX Digital Cameras

Buying a new digital camera can be difficult, yet with the choice that is available from Panasonic; you will be spoilt for choice. Founded in Japan in 1918, Panasonic are an electrical company that are known for their great reputation and high end manufacturing skills. They produce a range of feature packed, new generation cameras.

Panasonic LUMIX digital cameras are now a popular choice for beginner to expert photographers worldwide and for good reason, with the variety of cameras produced ranging from pocket point and shoot models to professional digital SLRs.

Whether youre looking for a digital camera for everyday use to photograph or video your family and friends, capture memories on day trips and holidays or youre looking to turn photography into more than just a hobby, LUMIX cameras can facilitate all of these needs with a range of models and features to suit you.

Panasonic offer a range of different types of LUMIX camera such as digital SLR, bridge, waterproof and compact. These are the four most common camera types and it is important you know which type you would like to enable the best photo finish. The models differentiate because of the diverse camera features, each camera is unique and range in size of zoom, angle, shutter speed, flash and focus.

Digital SLRs (DSLRs)

Digital SLR cameras, otherwise known as DSLRs, are the most premium of the Panasonic LUMIX digital camera range. Professional photographers would in the majority choose a Panasonic DSLR camera as they are much more reliable and produce a higher quality image overall.

Features such as digital imaging sensors and full resolution are built into many models.

If youre looking to take your photography one step further, there are a variety of Panasonic DSLR camera lenses to experiment with further.

Bridge and compact cameras

If you are looking for an easy camera to use for casual use, then LUMIX bridge or compact models could be a great option for you. With fewer settings to get right, these cameras are perfect for the quick point and shoot camera user.

So whats the difference? Bridge cameras are the middle camera between a DSLR and compact camera. They have more settings and functionality than a compact camera with features such as a stronger lens and sensor resolution. On the other hand, compact digital cameras are seen as being simpler in technology, partly due to them being one of the first cameras Panasonic released within their LUMIX range.

Waterproof cameras

A waterproof camera is a compact camera that you are able to take underwater which is perfect for capturing images and videos when you go swimming, head to the beach or enjoy a day at a water park.

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