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Panasonic Telephoto Camera Lens

Since its arrival in the UK in 1972, Panasonic swiftly became a major company in the electronics industry, especially in regards to cameras and photography. Since their invention of the first 3-tube radio all the way back in 1920, they have always had a positive focus towards research and development, which is reflected in their products.

What are telephoto lenses?

Telephoto camera lenses are a common term referring to lenses with a long focal length. This means that it has a narrow field of view that results in the subject of your shot filling the frame and appearing large in the photograph.

What is a telephoto lens used for?

Many amateurs make the mistake of thinking that a telephoto lens is similar to a telescope for looking at and bringing things into focus that are far away. A lot like strange binoculars for a camera . Although it is used for this a lot of the time, a telephoto is most frequently used to put the background of the shot out of focus, therefore driving attention towards the subject of your shot, or to change the perspective of the photograph.

For those who do use it to take photographs of subjects that are (and must remain) far away, it is still a very helpful tool. Telephoto lenses are very popular for sports photographers who don't want to have to climb onto the ice to try and get a good shot of the ice hockey match or wildlife photographers who aren't keen on getting within tasting distance of an adult male African lion.

Some Panasonic telephoto lenses have variable focal lengths so the field of view can be adjusted at the time of the picture to suit the photographer. Others have a fixed field of view where you'll have to work with what you have. This may make a difference to your choice, so always make sure that you research your new camera lens properly.

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