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Patio Heaters

To keep entertaining al fresco lasting longer into the evening, patio heaters can help to keep people warm while they enjoy the benefits of being outside. Patio heaters are ideal for use in the evening, to keep everyone warm after the sun goes down and can keep the party outside, without having to resort to moving everyone inside. You can find a range of different types of patio heater to find the perfect one for your patio.

Gas Powered

Gas patio heaters use a canister of fuel, usually stored in the body of the patio heater. Often, these are freestanding and mean you do not have to have wires trailing from the heater to the power source which could be a safety risk. You can change the location of gas patio heaters easily as they are fully mobile. This makes them an excellent choice if you host many different events in your garden and want to change the location of the heater easily.


Whereas patio heaters use heavy gas canisters, electric heaters are usually lighter. Electric heaters can be freestanding or may be wall or ceiling mounted so you can have the heat where you need it most. Generally, electric heaters are cheaper to run and being powered by the mains means you wont risk running out of fuel.

Wood Burners

Wood burning patio heaters are a more traditional way to add heat to your garden and will be a useful way of using up any twigs and logs you may have in your garden. Wood burning patio heaters provide a great focal point but can be dangerous as there is a risk of catching fire. Wood burning patio heaters can be used to cook food as well as keeping your guests warm when it starts to turn chilly.

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