Find the Right PC Base Unit for Your Home or Office System

A computer base unit contains the guts of your PC. With the right base unit at its heart, your PC will have all it needs to run applications and games swiftly and smoothly. Give your system the boost it deserves by browsing the range of base units available on eBay.

What are the benefits of a PC base unit?

If you want a system with plenty of flexibility, power, and space for upgrades, then consider purchasing a computer base unit. These offer a wide variety of configurations suitable for everything from everyday word processing and spreadsheet use through to intensive gaming. Most base units run a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, though check whether this is included. eBay has a great selection of base units at attractive prices to suit every need and pocket.

What styles of PC base unit are available?

PC base unit designs can be grouped into a few categories, of which tower, mini-tower, desktop, and slimline are among the most common. To help you decide which is appropriate for your needs, consult the list below.

  • Tower: Often designed as gaming base units, these come in large cases which allow space for bulky components like graphics cards.
  • Mini-tower: These units stand alongside your monitor like a full computer tower, but are more compact in size.
  • Desktop: A common all-round option, with the base unit sitting flat on your desk. The monitor is placed on top.
  • Slimline: Sometimes called Small Form Factor, this is the most compact kind of PC base unit and is ideal for restricted spaces.
What connectors should you look for in a PC base unit?

One advantage of a separate PC base unit is that it is likely to provide a substantial number of connectivity options. Monitor plugs may offer two or more of VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort, letting you connect multiple displays to the same computer. If you're planning on using a wired connection to the Internet, you will need to look for an Ethernet port. Before you purchase a computer base unit, think about how many USB devices you use. Most units offer at least six USB ports, but you may need eight or ten if you have a lot of peripherals. USB 3.0 ports can transfer data faster than USB 2.0, so are useful if you want to copy large files.