Performance & DJ Amplifiers

What to Know About DJ Amplifiers

DJ amplifiers are used to amplify the volume of various devices used by a DJ. They serve as a power source that connects all of the different equipment a DJ uses. By searching eBay, you can find a quality amp at a reasonable price.

What are some specs of DJ amplifiers?

There are numerous controllable specs that can enhance your performance experience as a DJ. These specs include:

  • Inputs for instruments and microphones
  • MP3 input via USB connectivity
  • A sound card input
  • Labelled knobs for control of the system

There is also a screen on the amplifier that allows you to see the different features that are being played or whatever setting you are adjusting at the time.

What are some uses for DJ amplifiers?

You can use these amplifiers for a multitude of purposes. If you are a DJ with the intention to play music, this is a useful tool. It is also useful when remixing tracks, whether live or recording, as the different knobs on the amp are capable of handling different frequencies and sounds.

You can also use DJ amplifiers in a performance environment, where it can help you hear yourself as you play or remix songs in a live setting.

What are the connectivity options for DJ amplifiers?

With a DJ amplifier, you can connect numerous pieces of equipment to it that will enhance your performance experience. You can plug in your various MIDI controllers via USB or instrument cable. The amplifier also offers a connection for a laptop, which will allow you to select and play different songs. If you need more loudness in your performance setting, you can also connect the amp to a mixer, which can then connect to other speakers. This allows you to hear your sound across various parts of the room rather than just next to you on stage. There is also an option to connect devices to the DJ amplifier through Bluetooth connectivity.

How can you control certain features of DJ amplifiers?

You can control the loudness or various qualities of a DJ amplifier through the knobs that are included on the device. These knobs can control frequencies (bass, midrange, etc). If you are looking to switch input settings or play/stop/skip a song, youll find the applicable button controls on the amp. The amplifier also comes with a remote control, which allows you to adjust any of the settings available on it.